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Mr.Chazz the Agent 

Building Brands

specialized in various fields such as Brand Building, Artist and
product & Music and Production.

Also creating Complete Concepts with a Plan &
Commissioning threw the development process.

Mr. Chazz the agent has been able to set up strategies and decide
what is present and Future with distribution and products
all around the world. The proper way to create growth
and percentages in all your working areas of performance.
Inside360.Agency will sort threw and decide what is valuable
for you and your Company needs.

The Agent  Mr.Chazz has created a 360 system that has efficiency
and effective productivity  for your project.

The system is not just following your competition, but to make sure
the product and the conclusions of your product becomes Market leader.
Inside360 Agency is setting the machine to power your Brands needs.

USP Inside360

Executive producer, Management, Kunstler Betreuung, Product managament, Establish Brand partners Pr Concept,
Product placement, Image consulting, Trademark assistance, Event co operations Social Media consulting,
Beratung der kunstler, Press and Media cooperations, Advisory team, Creating product POS, Marktforschung,
Markte mittlung, Zielgruppen ermittlung.

Solution marketing, Image & artist Educational Interview training,Eventmarketing, Local branding, Interactive branding Affiliate marketing plan, Online marketing plans, Inside360Agency is the partner that you need to know, when it comes to International and Social Media Brand Building with product development and distribution.