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Meet The Inside 360 Team


The experienced team has been working and making strategy and 360 concepts for over 10 years together. A good product starts with a business intelligence team and Jennifer has been on the Inside360 tema with outstanding results. Team work and stagy always wins with the Inside360 Agency.

Mr. Chazz

Mr. Chazz has been an Executive Producer and Investment partner for over 20 years, the CEO, Managing Director for Inside360 Agency, has lead several Companies to success, has build Artist and product rosters all around the world.

With several Credits to his name Mr. Chazz has been awarded and announced to be one of the best Agents and Brand Builders in the international Market.


 The timeline and distribution of products is key for the Inside360 Agency. With the expertise of experienced team ahead of all the other agencies, with years of proof of content, several Brands have joined to lead them to success. Record breaking sales and percentage increases in the e-commerce and online social media lifestyle product and white label distribution as well as International brand leaders.


He is our expert for media and the creation of digital content. With many years of experience he’ll shot & manage professional photos.

Project Manager.


Daniel,CMO and marketing expert, is a key part of Inside360Agency.  He is a product manager and responsible for the communication.