This artist has the coolness and style of no other Gian Mazziotta has a song
of edge sophistication and ruff edges that no other artist can compare.

Gian Mazziotta is the bad boy of Europe Trap urban trap seen and
has sold out club tours all threw out Europe, as a social media
influence. He has created his own fan base and they are not only
his fans but his family. The sound of Gian Mazziotta is amazing
and his family and friends follow and march with him every step of the
way a with him as a model singer and story teller. Gian Mazziotta
music speaks for its self the Inisde360 Agency is working on the
4th coming album Gian Mazziotta returns part 3. Follow Gian
Mazziotta on instagram and experience a new concept about
life love and realness.


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