Together with Inside360Agency & Otto group,  Alina is the Testimonial for plus size brand  Sheego Fashion Selected By Alina  X3 collection Havanna the fashion line is explosive and ahead of its time. The Universal Music signed artist Makes Pop With Rarity Value. She Sings Songs That Address Her Own Vulnerability With Merciless Openness And Turn The Inside Out. Her Voice Catches The Eye First: A Warm Timbre Rich In Nuances, That Reliably Raises Neck Hairs In A Row. A Voice That Truly Stirs Up, That Comes Along With Great Force And Yet Knows How To Softly Ensnare. A Voice You Recognize Immediately, Whose Intensity You Can’t Escape And Which You Won’t Forget.

She Was Musically Socialized In The Nineties, A Time In Which The Charts Were Dominated By Weak Content And Brightly Colored Mayflies. She Quickly Realizes That There Must Be More To It. Alina Finds What She Is Looking For In Her Parents’ Vinyl Collection, Where She Discovers The LPs Of Alexandra, Zarah Leander And Hildegard Knef – A Momentous Encounter. Alina Doesn’t Make Chansons Or Sound Film Hits, But The Treasures On Her Parents’ Record Shelves Inspire Her And Sharpen Her Eye For The Special. In Addition There Are Classics By Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey And Chris Isaak. It Is This Special Mixture That Will Shape Her Later Artistic Work.


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